Jackie Stevens & Laura Pierce

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Tufts Medical Center Marketing Team--

Laura Pierce, Manager, Marketing and Communications

Jackie Stevens, Senior Web and Marketing Communications Specialist, Marketing Communications

Jackie and Laura Marketing TeamNomination from Rashed Durgham, MD, Chief Administrative Officer and Pediatrician-in-Chief, Tufts Medical Center:

“The positive vibes and changes we all felt happening around Tufts Medical Center, with the introduction of The Toughlings and the successful rollout of the marketing campaign, were made possible by the enthusiasm and dedication of Laura and Jackie. Their expertise and professionalism helped all of us rally the team and different points of view behind one single, powerful message.”

Nomination from Mary Beth Williams, MN, RN, Executive Director, Patient Care Services:

“The importance of this campaign in giving Tufts Medical Center an identity cannot be overestimated. It was and remains pivotal. Laura and Jackie are the heart and soul of all of our efforts and I cannot express my gratitude for all they have done, except to say ‘thank you, you are deeply True Blue!"

Nomination from Brooke Tyson Hynes, Vice President, Marketing and Communications:

“They have truly gone above and beyond with their work on this marketing campaign. Their passion, time and insight is creating a wave of positivity around Tufts Medical Center and changing the lives of patients forever.”