Karen J. Miller, MD

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Karen M. Miller, MD, Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician, Center for Children with Special Needs (CCSN)

Nomination from Bernadette Murphy-Bentley, MPA, Autism Resource Specialist, CCSN:

“The evidence of how Karen goes above and beyond for patients and colleagues is literally everywhere in the CCSN. With her longstanding love of art, she oversaw the design of the newly-renovated, colorful and family-friendly waiting room. This was funded partially by her late husband’s memorial fund.

“She also spearheaded the collection of cheerful patient artwork lining the corridor of the CCSN and keeps the pictures updated. She conceived the ‘Small Victories’ list to honor those daily achievements of her coworkers that often get overlooked.

“The jewel of the CCSN is a unique and inspiring display titled, ‘The Positive People Project,’ highlighting the accomplishments of famous people with disabilities. We have received so much incredible feedback from patients and their families about how this display is uplifting and motivating.”

Congratulations, Karen!