Mayra Nunez

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Mayra Nunez, former Administrative Supervisor, Radiology recently promoted to Operations Supervisor, Health Information Management

 Nomination from Nedina Luc, Practice Coordinator, Newborn Medicine:

 “Mayra has personal qualities that make her well-suited to lead. She’s naturally the ‘point person’ that many of us go to with questions. She’s not afraid to take risks and often suggests new directions to explore.”

 Nomination from Angie Maximilien, Practice Coordinator, Adult Radiology:

 “Mayra has a kind heart and is ready and willing to help our staff and patients. She does whatever she can to uplift a patient’s experience here at the hospital. She is more than a supervisor; she is a superhero.”

 Nomination from Johana Simplice, Patient Coordinator, Radiology:

 “She teaches that the phrase ‘that’s not my job’ doesn’t belong in her team’s vocabulary. Her spirit inspires me to help patients whether I am on my way out of the building or just on break. She is an unsung hero and I’d love to start singing about her.”

 Congratulations, Mayra!