Ryan Chin

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Ryan Chin, Clinical Care Technician, North 6

Nomination from Michelle Markey, RN, North 6:

“Ryan is compassionate and the most patient young man I have ever worked with at Tufts MC. He always takes his time with patients and will not leave until he is sure all of ‘his patients’ are cared for and happy with their care.

“One day I overheard Ryan speaking with a patient who had a long and difficult hospitalization. Ryan was empathizing and telling the patient that he wanted to work in healthcare because when he was young, he himself had been hospitalized. He thought that the care he got made all the difference to his stay and recovery.

“Patients rave about the care he gives and the genuine compassion he shows. Ryan embodies what you want patients to walk away thinking of Tufts Medical Center. He is True Blue!”

Congratulations, Ryan!