Sarah Wong

Tufts MC True Blue Recipient: Sarah Wong, Manager, Research Financial Operations, Research Finance

True Blue- Sarah Wong
Nomination from Danielle Riggs, Director, Research Administration:

“Everyone in our department relies on Sarah and her wealth of institutional knowledge, as well as her in-depth systems knowledge, on a daily, if not hourly, basis. She is never too busy to help, and responds within minutes of being asked, at all hours of the day or night.”

Nomination from Natalie Daigle, Manager, Oncology Research Operations:

“It seems as though Sarah’s memory is never-ending when it comes to end dates, due dates and procedures. She is a vital resource when it comes to the workflow between Research Administration and Research Finance.”

Nomination from Susan Blanchard, Vice President, Research Administration:

“Sarah gets the job done. No matter how complex, she rolls up her sleeves and solves the problem—all with a smile, every single day! She is always available, always an expert, always pleasant, always supportive and, most importantly always True Blue!”