Alex Pavoll

Alex Pavoll, Director of Quality AnalyticsAlex Pavoll, Director of Quality Analytics, Quality and Patient Safety 

Nomination from Cathy Feleppa Camenga, Executive Director, Quality & Patient Safety:
“Alex’s role is instrumental in how Tufts MC and Tufts Children's Hospital are perceived both regionally and nationally for the quality of the care we provide to our patients. His work contributes to our Leapfrog Safety Score, our ranking among academic medical centers in the Vizient database and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Value-Based Purchasing program. These achievements are directly attributable to Alex’s always thinking ahead to predict quality reporting risk models and adjustments.”

Nomination from Saul Weingart, MD, Chief Medical Officer:
“Alex and his team have taken a hard look at disparities in care, trying to understand if racial or language minorities receive different care than majority populations. Equally as important, he’s looked at whether vulnerable populations perceive their care differently than others. This work is directionally important as our guide for becoming a more inclusive and welcoming environment for all patients.”

Nomination from Terry Hudson-Jinks, CNO and SVP Patient Care Services:
“He is laser focused on enhancing the care of patients and relentless on providing the members of the care team with useful data that can impact care.”