Dan Manning

Dan Manning, Senior Manager, Clinical Applications, Information Services  holding his computerDan Manning, Senior Manager, Clinical Applications, Information Services 

Nomination by Nancy Gittelson, Executive Director, Information Services
“Dan brings deep knowledge, rigorous analysis and sincere enthusiasm to everything he does. The best way to describe Dan is this typical scenario: It’s 2 am on a Sunday morning, and my pager goes off because the Pharmacy system is down. I watch for updates, and see that (as usual) Dan is all over it, getting the right people involved, asking the right questions to get the problem solved as quickly as possible, and communicating updates to all stakeholders. At the end of the incident, I realize that Dan was up for most of the night. Then, on Monday morning, I come into work, and he’s in my office describing an innovative technology that one of his clinical departments is considering, and he is bubbling over with enthusiasm about how this technology will help the department, and by extension, our patients. And then I realize that this is the same guy who was up all night on Sunday.”