Denise Goldsmith Garcia

Denise Goldsmith Garcia, Float Unit Coordinator holding her suppliesDenise Goldsmith Garcia, Float Unit Coordinator, Patient Care Services

Nomination by Kasey Cameron, RN, Manager, Center for Patient Placement: 
“Meeting Denise is like being greeted by pure inspiration. Her positivity is refreshing and her enthusiasm envelops you like a warm hug; it is not just a pleasure, it is an experience. Denise has been a float unit coordinator for a year and a half, and in that time Denise has brought her cheerful and effervescent demeanor to every floor that she works on. As her manager, I continuously receive calls complimenting her professionalism, her exemplary customer service and her compassion for patients and their families. Denise always has a smile and takes the time to always make direct eye contact with everyone that she meets to give them a little of her time uninterrupted.” 

Supporting comments: 

Chanta Bhan, Chaplain, Pastoral Care: 
“Denise greets everyone with such enthusiasm and she extends such welcome and hospitality to everyone she encounters. She is always focused on customer service. I can imagine that her presence helps to relieve the stress of staff, patients and families.” 

Catherine Toro McCue, RN, MS, Clinical Nursing Director, Pratt 2:
“Denise is the type of person who makes you think how lucky you are to be working with someone so kind and compassionate towards our mentally ill patients. ‘They just need to know that people care and that they are respected,’ was a direct quote one day when I was speaking to Denise about our patient population on Pratt 2.