Gina-Marie Giarusso, MS, RN

Gina-Marie Giarusso, MS, RNGina-Marie Giarusso, MS, RN, Professional Development Director, Ambulatory Services
Also 2019 Mary Jo Brown Customer Service Award Recipient

Nomination by Elizabeth Gutierrez-Contreras, Practice Coordinator/Medical Assistant, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation:
“Gina is the reason why the majority of the medical assistants at Tufts MC are now Registered Medical Assistants. If it wasn’t for her empowering me and believing in me, I don’t think I would’ve taken the extra step to take the national exam.”

Nomination by Vileyca Reyes-Paulino, Medical Assistant, Gastroenterology:
“She encouraged me to go ahead and move to a new department where I can excel and use my skills. And now I couldn’t be happier with my decision.” 

Nomination by Renee Henderson, Medical Assistant/Practice Coordinator, Pediatric Neurology:
“Gina she does her best to help patients and staff. Gina is very thorough when it comes to clinic rules and regulations. Gina makes sure things are done correctly and within everyone’s scope of practice.”

Nomination by Dawa Dolma, Medical Assistant, Nephrology:
“Gina is one of the most extraordinary persons I have encountered at Tufts MC. She makes sure all the MAs are well taken care of in each department. We are privileged to have her as our mentor. She encourages each and every one us with very positive energy.”