Helen Eng, MS,-OTR-L

Helen Eng, MS-OTR/LHelen Eng, MS-OTR/L, Inpatient Occupational Therapist, Occupational Therapy & Physical Therapy
Nomination from Kristine Tang, Supervisor of Inpatient Occupational Therapy, Occupational and Physical Therapy Department:

“Helen is a prime example of providing conscientious, patient-centered care, where she consistently meets the patient and family where they are (physically, emotionally, culturally and medical literacy). Helen has a strong internal drive to do the best for her patients, and will regularly take the extra time to briefly interpret for other staff members to improve patient comfort and care, to reach out to family members and provide community resources, and to advocate strongly for her patients across the interdisciplinary team. 

“A recent example of Helen’s compassion for patients is when she was caring for a patient who was living in their car with their spouse and children. Helen brought in a suitcase of clothing for the patient and family.”

Nomination by Abbey Boudouvas, Supervisor of Inpatient Physical Therapy, Occupational and Physical Therapy Department: 

“Helen believes that every patient, no matter their social history, is deserving of dignity, respect and compassion. In her work, she encounters many individuals who are homeless, have chronic illnesses, poor health literacy or language barriers. Helen is an advocate for all of these individuals and works tirelessly with the interdisciplinary team to establish supportive discharge plans, educate patients and families, and maximize quality of life.”