Jill Maron, MD, MPH

Jill Maron, MD, with a research tool in her handsJill Maron MD, MPH, Executive Director, Mother Infant Research Institute (MIRI), Vice Chair, Pediatric Research, Tufts Children's Hospital

Nomination by Susan Blanchard, Vice President, Research Administration:
“Her tireless efforts focused on our tiniest and one of our most vulnerable clinical populations are making a difference in the lives of these babies and for generations of neonates to come. The smallest newborn babies who have no way to tell the doctors and parents what’s wrong have an advocate in Dr. Maron whose research is focused on using saliva in helping to determine important clinical needs of these infants. This is a non-invasive way of gaining critical clinical information to help them grow and leave the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).” 

Nomination by Natalie Daigle, Director, Research Administration:
“All members of MIRI, regardless of rank, interact with Jill, and feel comfortable going to her with any issues. The environment that Jill has created in MIRI is inviting and positive. “

Nomination from Elizabeth Yen, MD, Attending Physician, Pediatrics:
“Jill is such an inspirational scientist, physician, leader, colleague and mentor. Through her pioneering work in neonatal salivary diagnostics, she greatly advances neonatal and pediatric research, and opens up the field to unlimited possibilities. Her intelligence, forward-thinking, kindness, generosity, collaborative mindset and visionary leadership are some of the reasons why Jill is Tufts MC True Blue.” 

Nomination by Mary Wallingford, PhD, Special & Scientific Staff (PI), MIRI/MCRI/ObGyn/CMDB:
“Dr. Maron is an inspiration to members of MIRI for how she is revolutionizing neonatal precision medicine. For example, she recently initiated a groundbreaking study that advances the speed and effectiveness of genetic diagnosis with Jonathan Davis, MD. Going further, her work has laid down a path that reimagines the interpretation of neonatal feeding and these findings were made through an innovative research direction that she pioneers at Tufts MC¬ the vastly untapped field of salivary biology. Finally, she just recently applied her salivary expertise to evaluate new methods of sepsis screening in the neonate.”