Linda Ordway, RN, MS, NP

Linda Ordway, RN, MS, NP, Clinical Care Manager, Cardiomyopathy Center holding an LVADLinda Ordway RN, MS, NP, Clinical Care Manager, Cardiomyopathy Center

Nomination by Lynne Sylvia, Senior Clinical Pharmacy Specialist, Cardiology, Pharmacy:
“Linda performs extraordinary acts every day. Her ability to integrate her knowledge of advanced heart failure management, core nursing skills, critical thinking skills with a warmth and depth of caring for the patient is exceptional. 

“There is no ONE example that could ever demonstrate the exceptional care provided by Linda. I have watched her in a management role, in a pure clinical role at the bedside and in the role of teacher. I have observed countless situations in which she counseled patients who had just learned that they may best benefit from a heart transplant: she listens, she asks for the patient’s perspective, and she ultimately engages the patient in a thoughtful conversation about their condition and options for care. 

“Linda orchestrates a daily, morning huddle on Pratt 8 with the multidisciplinary team ¬ nursing, social work, case management and pharmacy. We learn from each nurse about his/her patient’s status, events from overnight and any nursing concerns. Linda engages each nurse in discussion, to help them better understand the elements of decision-making and their role in it. Linda facilitates optimal patient care through her teaching and direction of others.”