Sarah Fagan, RN

Sarah Fagan, RN, Staff Nurse, Cardiac ICUSarah Fagan, RN, Staff Nurse, Cardiac ICU, Patient Care Services

Nomination by Dan Bulanowski, MD, Fellow, Pulmonology:

“Having been both a medicine resident at Tufts MC and now a fellow, I’ve had numerous encounters with Sarah and she has consistently been one of the best nurses I’ve worked with ¬ she is always on top of her patients’ needs, communicates well with the rest of the team, and expresses her concerns regarding patients, with respect to both their care plans and their wishes/goals of care.

“Sarah facilitated bringing a critically ill patient from the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit to visit his also critically ill wife in another Intensive Care Unit, as he wanted to see her for what could be the last time they were in each other’s presence. I know that the staff involved and both patients were extremely appreciative of this extra step she took to care for her patients.”