Suzanne Bowman, MA

Suzanne Bowman, MA is True BlueSuzanne Bowman, MA, Lead Medical Assistant, Dermatology

Nomination by Joyce Hoot, MD, Director, Contact Dermatitis Clinic, Dermatology:
“Suzanne is one of those rare exemplary people who make you feel grateful and happy when they are in your clinic, as her work is pure quality. She is completely reliable, always giving 110%, eager to learn, efficient and yet kind, going above and beyond not just for the patient but also for the provider, planning ahead and anticipating our needs..

“As our department has been undergoing numerous staffing and logistical changes, Suzanne has been absolutely incredible, helping to anticipate and fill in gaps, taking on numerous responsibilities simply because they needed to be done. Even when assisting multiple providers, she goes above and beyond, making our patients feel great when they meet her, listening to them carefully and anticipating their needs.”