Kristen Newell

Kristen Newell, Team Leader, Pediatric Neurology Tufts MC True Blue: Kristen Newell, Team Leader, Pediatric Neurology

Nomination from John Gaitanis, MD, Chief, Pediatric Neurology:

“When insurance has denied coverage for treatments, Kristen has been relentless in following up and submitting repeated requests. In one instance, she was able to secure a treatment approval after submitting countless requests over many months, dedicating at least 20 hours of her time to telephone calls with the insurance company.

“Without Kristen’s hard work, dedication and commitment, our division would not be successful.”

Nomination from Ornela Vera, Practice Manager, Pediatric Neurology:

“When a frustrated, upset parent called and was less than nice to staff, Kristen listened carefully, offered solutions and calmed her down so much that, by the end of the conversation, the parent thanked Kristen for listening and apologized for her behavior. 

“The parent later called me to let me know I have a jewel in my department and how invaluable Kristen is to the Medical Center.”

Congratulations, Kristen!