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What is a day like 
for an average 
employee at Tufts MC?

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We have the rigor of an academic medical center with the soul of a community hospital.
Every day we get the most difficult cases in Boston and we relish the challenge. 

But this is not the place for everyone. There’s an intensity and a pace to be embraced. You will have responsibility and accountability the minute you pull on the scrubs. You need to be the kind of person who gives everything you've got.
And if a co-worker needs help, you find a way to give a little more.

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A collage of nurses

What's it like to be a nurse
at Tufts MC?

How does nursing differ at Tufts MC from other hospitals?

We choose to practice Nursing at Tufts MC and Tufts Medical Center for many reasons. We feel that we are both a distinctive individual nurse and at the same time, an integral part of a team. “Family” is a word that is often used when describing a Tufts MC or Tufts Medical Center nurse. You feel that you are part of a family who cares about you as an individual as well as a professional. Additionally, the acuity and case diversity of patients at Tufts MC allows nurses the opportunity to grow and challenge themselves throughout their career.  

Do nurses stay at Tufts Medical Center?

Yes, nurses stay at Tufts Medical Center. Our retention rate is better than the national average. It is not uncommon to find nurses in nearly every single area of the medical center with decades of experience at Tufts MC. Not only do they stay; often if they decide to leave they return in less than one year. What we hear: "There is something different about Tufts that I couldn't find elsewhere and cannot live without – this is my home for nursing”. One quote recently shared from a clinical nurse with over 20 years at Tufts Medical Center who left and came back within 3 months…."I told my husband if I have to drive 3 hours each way to work again at Tufts – I will”

What do you have in place to keep your nurses engaged and excited about the nursing profession?

The voice of each Tufts MC Nurse is heard and considered invaluable. This occurs in many different ways/ forums every single day. Nurses influence and make decisions through hospital and unit based committees; through involvement in new product selection; and through roles of leadership in too numerous to list initiatives for patient and staff safety.  At Tufts MC, nurses receive wide-spread support to pursue innovation in both their practice and products through our Nursing Center of Excellence. Tufts MC is also well on its way in the journey for Magnet, the prestigious designation from the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) that recognizes hospitals (only 8% of hospitals nationwide) that are considered the ‘best of the best’ in cultivating a culture/work environment for nurse empowerment, mentorship, respect, integrity and teamwork.  

If you want to expand your nursing experience, can you get transferred to another area?

Professional Development in all forms is encouraged, supported and celebrated here at Tufts MC. It is one of our most important values and if transferring or exploring another area of practice is what you choose, it is fully supported. 

How is collaboration with the medical and technical staff?

Teamwork is a strong value at Tufts MC and the sense of “family” permeates all members of the team - from the person who cleans the floors to the person who walks those floors as the clinician.  We live by a belief in respect, inclusion, diversity and collaboration. At Tufts MC, we understand that it “takes a village” to provide the excellence we live by.

Are there any internal training programs to help me grow in my nursing career?

The Nursing Center of Excellence facilitates a broad offering of education/learning opportunities for nurses throughout their careers. We have many content experts who combine their clinical practice with teaching. Through our Shared Governance councils, many specifically focus on professional support/development. One example is an “Expert Nurse” group, which supports nurses who are typically mid-career and seeking innovative ways to assist and create a legacy for the next generation of nurses on their units/teams. 

Is there an opportunity to do research?

Yes! The Center of Excellence enthusiastically supports the advancement of clinical nurses to pursue inter-professional collaborative practices through research, innovation, professional development and quality.  Nurses are supported to find new ways to solve day to day problems through innovation. Many have research published in peer reviewed medical journals. Teams of expert professional development directors and clinical educators work interdependently and in synergy, ensuring care of patients and families is grounded in the art and science of nursing across the entire lifespan.

How are new graduate nurses received and what supports do they have as they begin their nursing career?

New graduate nurses are supported with a robust 16-week training and orientation program, which is both didactic and hands-on. Expert preceptors are fully invested in the success of those they oversee. We have had tremendous retention with our Novice-Nurse Program not only because of the extensive training offered, but also because they are welcomed into their new environments by a team of nurses who will look out for them, and are encouraging, supportive and honest. 

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