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Caregivers of Individuals Diagnoses with Schizophrenia

Title Caregivers of Individuals Diagnoses with Schizophrenia: Impact on Employment and Unmet Needs
Therapeutic Area Schizophrenia
Principal Investigator Debra Lerner
Min Age 21 Years
Gender Both
Contact Annabel Greenhill


Do you provide care to a family member or friend who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder? 


Family members and friends of individuals with mental illness play a large part in providing care. Many are also managing a job and other life responsibilities.


This study is intended to learn more about the impact that caregiving is having on different aspects of your life including your ability to work, health and well-being. Information from this study will help to improve services to caregivers and the people they support.


Participation is voluntary. It involves completing a 20 to 30-minute survey on the study’s privacy-protected, secure website. This survey is completely anonymous.


At the end of the survey, some caregivers will be asked to volunteer to take one or two brief follow-up surveys for which they will receive an Amazon gift card.


Please visit the study website at:

Study Details

Inclusion Criteria

  • Able to Read English

Exclusion Criteria

Study Requirements

  • completing one 20-30 minute, anonymous questionnaire on a private, secure website
  • and, if you are selected, completing up to two brief follow-up questionnaires (about 10 minutes each) on the website
  • follow-up questionnaires require an email address so we may notify you when due