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High Quality CPR & Code Blue Training

Title Quality CPR Training Intervention for Health Care Providers Assessed by Simulated Mock Code-Blue
Therapeutic Area Healthy Volunteers
Principal Investigator Jesse Rideout, MD, MPH
Min Age 18 Years
Gender All
Contact Jesse Rideout
617 636-4730


In this multicenter simulation based research study, we evaluate hospital code-team members on their CPR quality (individually and in teams) and teamwork performance during simulated medical resuscitations both at baseline and after a standardized educational intervention across 5 medical centers. The educational intervention uses a combination of simulation debriefing, didactics and hands-on deliberate practice training with a real-time audiovisual CPR feedback device (ZOLL R-Series Monitor Defibrillator).

The primary endpoint is to assess quality of CPR and teamwork performance by hospital code teams across 5 sites through NESERC (New England Simulaiton, Education and Research Consortium) in a high fidelity simulation at baseline and following a standardized educational intervention, incorporating teamwork communication skills and hands-on training for high quality CPR

The secondary endpoint is to assess the ability of individual code team members to perform high quality CPR for a 2 minute period while given audio visual CPR feedback.

Each of the 5 sites of study will recruit 10 teams of 4 individuals. The total target sample size is 50 teams or 200 individual participants. Participants will be healthcare providers who are members of hospital code teams or at least expected to provide CPR during a medical code in their immediate patient care area.

Study Details

Inclusion Criteria

  • Must be a member of the adult code team at their institution, i.e. a healthcare provider (physician, nurse, clinical care or respiratory care technician) who is either responsible for potentially performing CPR in response to an institution-wide “Code Blue” or within their immediate patient care areas, should a medical resuscitaion be required.
  • Must be BLS or ACLS certified

Exclusion Criteria

  • The inability to physically perform CPR or verbally communicate in English during a simulated Code Blue.
  • Unable to complete the 3-hour session in its entirety, including pre-intervention simulation, didactic, hands-on CPR training, and post-intervention simulation.

Study Requirements

Participants will attend a single session of 3 hours duration where CPR metrics and team-performance scoring by video review will occur at both baseline and following an educational intervention within this time frame. There is no additional visits or follow-up. Data is limited to CPR quality measuring device and video review of communication and leadership skills assessed by a validated team-performance tool.