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Title Glycemic Outcomes and Metabolic Observations in Mothers and Offspring
Therapeutic Area Pregnancy
Principal Investigator Alexandra Spadola, MD
Min Age 18 Years
Gender All
Contact Afshin Azimirad


GO MOMS is a study that tracks maternal blood sugar levels in pregnancy and how the levels may predict the development of gestational diabetes (pregnancy-related high blood sugar) or relate to the size of a baby at birth. As not enough is known about who will get gestational diabetes and because treatment of gestational diabetes in later pregnancy does not make all of the complications go away, learning about the early pregnancy blood sugars may help us learn how to improve prenatal care in the future for healthier families. 

Study Details

Inclusion Criteria

  • 10-14 weeks gestational age
  • >18 years of age

Exclusion Criteria

Study Requirements

The study takes place over the course of your pregnancy starting at 10-14 weeks.  You may have an early ultrasound to see if you are the correct number of weeks for the study. There are 4 or 5 study visits during your pregnancy and a visit to measure your baby after birth in the hospital.  There are two oral glucose tolerance tests (drinking a sugar drink and checking blood sugar) one of which replaces the one you might normally have for checking for gestational diabetes.  You will also be asked for small (1-3 tablespoons) blood and urine samples during the visits. There are four 10-day periods of wearing a small study sensor while you go about your usual activity which is then mailed back to Tufts. During the study visits and at the postpartum phone call you will have interviews about your health.