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Malama Study

Title Randomized control trial to investigate the effect of a smartphone application for gestational diabetes management on postpartum glucose intolerance
Therapeutic Area Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
Principal Investigator Erika Wener, MD, MS
Min Age 18 Years
Gender Female
Contact Alysa St. Charles
More Information


The use of smartphone applications as gestational diabetes management is an emerging area of research. We are hoping to explore possible benefits of the Malama smartphone app to help manage your blood sugar during pregnancy. We also hope to explore how you recover from gestational diabetes shortly after your baby's birth by asking you to do a blood sugar test (HA1c) and a glucose tolerance test.

Participants will be randomized to using the Malama app to track blood sugars or traditional logs such as pen-and-paper. If assigned to use Malama, you will be asked to complete a patient experience survey.

Study Details

Inclusion Criteria

  • Pregnant women
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Plan to give birth at Tufts Medical Center

Exclusion Criteria

  • Preexisting diabetes
  • Life-threatening fetal anomaly
  • Does not have a smartphone compatible with the Malama app

Study Requirements

The study requires no additional visits to Tufts Medical Center. It will be combined with your regular pregnancy care.

We anticipate that you will be in this research study from the time of your gestational diabetes diagnosis until a couple days after you give birth (3-6 months).

We will ask for a glucose tolerance test and an HbA1c. Altogether, we expect 2-3 teaspoons of blood to be collected.