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Short Bowel Syndrome

A Prospective, Multi-center Registry for Patients with Short Bowel Syndrome

NPS Pharmaceuticals Inc. wants to collect information about the long-term safety profile of people with short bowel syndrome (SBS) who are treated with teduglutide. The purpose of this registry is to evaluate the long-term safety profile and clinical course for people with SBS who are treated with teduglutide in a routine clinical setting, as well as those who are not being treated with teduglutide. The primary objective is to determine the occurrence of colorectal cancer in people with SBS with a remnant colon taking teduglutide. The study will also evaluate the long-term clinical outcomes in people with SBS.

Participants who decide to take part in this registry study have informaiton collected about their health as part of their routine medical care and give this information to NPS Pharmaceuticals, Inc. or its designee to include in the registry.

Each person who joins this registry study will have his/her information collected for the registry for at least 10 years.