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Tufts Medical Center was founded in downtown Boston in 1796 with contributions from the citizens of Boston. For more than 200 years, the generosity of our supporters has allowed us to provide the most advanced and compassionate medical care available.

Today, the generosity of our supporters continues to be the strength behind our caring. Philanthropy allows us to offer a type of care that’s different – one that combines cutting-edge medicine with a deep passion for the person and family behind the diagnosis. The role of philanthropy in helping us remain nimble and respond to patient needs regardless of their ability to pay is critical. You are the strength behind our caring.

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John Leung, MD a food allergist at Tufts Medical Center, conducting research.

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From clinical advancements, to research breakthroughs, donors like you play a vital role in shaping the future of Tufts Medical Center.

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