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Working Wonders for Tufts Medical Center


Thank you for joining us at Working Wonders for Tufts Medical Center and Floating Hospital for Children on Wednesday, April 11! 

Thanks to you, we raised more than $1.4M while featuring the extraordinary work of our Neuroscience Programs and honoring Gloria Cordes Larson, Esq., President of Bentley University, with the Ellen M. Zane Award for Visionary Leadership. Your support of Working Wonders helps further our commitment to exceptional care, research and education.

Rewatch the remarkable event videos:

View photos from Working Wonders 2018



Elika Portnoy
Filmmaker and Tufts MC Governor

Adam Portnoy
President and CEO, The RMR Group


Carl Heilman, MD

David Thaler, MD, PhD



EMCEE  Jim BraudeAnchor, Greater Boston and Co-host, Boston Public Radio, WGBH
  Barbara Lynch, Chef/Owner, Barbara Lynch Collective



Elika and Adam Portnoy
Jeffrey Shames


Grace and Ted Fey
Philip Giunta
Carmel Shields
Ellen and Peter Zane


Diane and Chester Black
Ann Hess, MD, PhD and Errol Norwitz, MD, PhD, MBA
Etta and Mark Rosen
Tracy and Michael Wagner, MD


Margaret A. Brown, Esq. and Hugh W. Samson, Esq.
Carolyn and Joe Campanelli
Meredith and Daniel Doherty
Roula and Rashed Durgham, MD
Stephanie and Anthony Froio, Esq.
Randy Glassman, MD and Paul Summergrad, MD
Carolyn and Carl Heilman, MD
Varda Konstam, PhD and Marvin Konstam, MD
Barbara and Chris Kryder, MD & Diane and Tom Hollister
Eugenia Long and Seth Jaffe
Cindy and Bill Mackey, MD
Richard Meelia and Christopher Meelia
Patti and Deeb Salem, MD


Maray and Ruben Azocar, MD
Carol Barnewolt, MD and Brien Barnewolt, MD
Susan Blanchard and Roger Fielding, PhD
Rachel Buchsbaum, MD and Michael Arwe
Sherleen H. Chen, MD and Frederick Y. Chen, MD, PhD
Jodi A. Coombs, RN, MBA
Michael J. Crowley
Kelly Dougherty and Christopher Reynolds
Kristine and Ron Hanscom
Brooke Hynes and Deb Joelson
Tracee and John Hynes
Terry and Patrick Jinks
Ann and Ted Kurland
Erin and Matthew Larkin
Maura G. Lynch
Daniel and Mayumi Morash
June Stark and Gennaro Carpinito, MD
Christine and Sean Sullivan
David Thaler, MD, PhD and Tania Unsworth
Synthia Wayne and Saul Weingart, MD
Carey York-Best, MD and Craig Best, MD
E. Kent Yucel, MD and Tamsin Knox, MD


Questions or comments? Contact us at 617-636-7656 or 

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