Make The Difference Fund

When you support the Make The Difference Fund at Tufts Medical Center, you enhance our efforts to give every patient exceptional care and the best possible chance for survival and recovery from COVID-19. Additionally, your support enables us to conduct groundbreaking COVID-19 research to impact better patient outcomes in multiple ways.
Tufts Medical Center prepared swiftly for the coronavirus pandemic with a rigorous team-centered planning process to build our capacity to care for people with the virus and the anticipated surge of critically-ill patients. We added in-house testing capabilities, significantly increased our number of intensive care (ICU) beds, acquired additional respirators and personal protective equipment (PPE), and created a comprehensive staffing plan to meet the extraordinary demand for critical care. Today, this planning has allowed us to quickly and effectively respond to the pandemic, including our ability to provide the highest-acuity, most compassionate care to the sickest of patients, many of whom are transferred to our ICUs from hospitals closer to their homes. As patients started coming in and more information about the virus became available, the work of our physician-scientists became vital and connected to our clinical care. Research to identify the causes, cures and translational impact of COVID-19 began quickly and effectively, and this work is just beginning.

Gifts to the Make The Difference Fund play a vital role in our lifesaving efforts by providing us with flexible funds to help meet the most immediate resource needs relating to our response to the crisis.

Join us in making an impact on the lives of the people who need us most by making your gift to the Make The Difference Fund today and please consider helping us out even more by downloading and sharing our message with your family members and friends.

Initiatives where the donations of generous friends are being put to immediate use include:

Patient Care

  • The conversion of existing hospital spaces to dramatically increase the number of ICU beds, to accommodate the surge of critically-ill patients.

  • Enhanced patient and family-centered care through technology and digital connection enabling opportunities to see and talk with family members as well as take part in religious services.

  • Becoming the first hospital in the country to enable hospital-level care in patients’ homes as part of the COVID-19 response, allowing some patients to be released from inpatient units early to safely continue treatment and recovery at home.

  • The launch of telemedicine capabilities, to encourage patients to continue to seek care for non-COVID-19 related conditions and feel safe in doing so.

Protecting Our Workforce

  • The purchase of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • The enhancement of services to directly support the heroic efforts of our frontline staff, including meals, an onsite grocery mini-mart, local accommodations, transportation, counseling and in-hospital spaces for respite and reflection.

Research and Innovation

  • The fast-tracking of clinical trials for patient recruitment within weeks rather than months or years, including the Remdesivir anti-viral agent trial and the Sarilumab monoclonal antibody drug trial.

  • Research to develop urgently-needed treatments for COVID-19, including a study involving convalescent plasma, where the plasma of patients who have recovered from the disease is collected and then infused into critically-ill patients for possible therapeutic benefit.

  • The advancement of innovation and technology, including the COVID-19 Rapid Response Seed Funding Grant Program to help accelerate research that addresses the need for increased knowledge and strategies for the prevention and treatment of the virus.

Our entire Tufts Medical Center community cannot thank you enough for your compassion and generosity toward our patients and frontline colleagues during this unprecedented time.

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