We Care Employee Campaign

We Care is the annual employee and physician giving campaign for Tufts Medical Center and Floating Hospital for Children, designed to fund capital and patient needs on our campus. Each year, We Care gives employees and physicians—our very own community—the opportunity to financially support our patients and invest in the future of our Medical Center.

Last January, we raised more than $158,000 from the generous support of only 320 employees and physicians. As a community, we can do even more.

This year, we hope to increase employee and physician participation and achieve a $200,000 goal. Through We Care, you can help address the needs of our patients. Whether it is helping to purchase the most modern equipment for newborns or clothing for a struggling family—your donation makes a difference in our patients’ lives. Our commitment to our patients is apparent every day as we welcome them into our Medical Center. The high level of compassionate, complex care we provide year-round illustrates our dedication to them and to each other.

Join your colleagues by donating to We Care. Because there is no better cause than the cause of our patients.

There is so much we can do when We Care. Thank you for your support!

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Other Giving Opportunities

For more information, we invite you to read our FAQs below.

Examples of Giving

By making a gift to our 2016 Employee We Care Campaign, you can make a positive difference in our patients’ experience. For example, donations of the following amounts can be used for:
  • $50 - Gas cards for families traveling long distances for care
  • $100 - Eyeglasses for patients without insurance
  • $250 - Grocery cards
  • $300 - Help pay for a week-long stay in the Neely House
  • $500 - Clothing/sneakers needed to ease patient discharges  
  • $1,000 - $2,499 - Helping to recruit and retain diverse personnel, provide employee training, make emergency renovations to Patient Care areas
  • $2,500 - $4,999 - Helping provide the tools for our physicians to conduct research that benefits our patients across diverse areas, such as: breast cancer, lymphoma, pregnant mothers and their unborn children
  • $5,000+ - Helping purchase medical equipment for patient care, such as: in-house NICU transporters, pediatric echocardiogram machines, cardiac monitors, and hematology microscopes


1. What is the status of Last Year’s 2015 Labor & Delivery Campaign?

Last January, thanks to your support, We Care raised more than $158,000—with $109,000 designated to fund renovations for our Labor & Delivery unit. Our efforts were a bit delayed due to last year’s discussions with BMC and the need to raise additional funds externally. However, we are committed to modernizing our L&D unit. A steering committee, including OB/GYN physicians and staff, has selected our architectural partner—Cannon Design. Cannon is now developing a draft phased plan for the changes.  We want Phase 1 to offer the greatest impact and will be consulting with staff and leadership to determine the best place to start. We will have drawings for Phase 1 this spring. To stay up-to-date on the progress of the L&D renovations and all We Care happenings, look for a quarterly email from the Trust starting this spring. 

2. What does “Patient Care” mean?

Patient Care are various patient-centered funds including the:
  • Tufts Medical Center Unrestricted Fund
  • Floating Hospital Unrestricted Fund
  • Tufts Medical Center Patient Fund
  • Floating Hospital Helping Hands Fund
  • Nursing Fellowship Fund
Your donation in 2016 will contribute to fulfilling the needs of our patients outside of their medical treatment. Funds raised through this year’s campaign will help purchase items such as: gas cards, grocery cards, clothing for patients in need, coloring books for our Pediatric Waiting Areas, and medical equipment. This year we are focused on our commitment to treating the whole patient. 

3. What if I want to make a gift to my department and not to Patient Care?

We ask that you please consider supporting our fundraising focus of Patient Care. Your gift will make a vital impact on the personal lives and needs of our very diverse patient population. However, if you do decide you are more comfortable designating your gift to your department, or another department altogether, there will be an “other” section on our giving materials where you can absolutely specify where you would like to designate your gift.

4. Can I still make recurring gifts from my paycheck?

Yes. You may still have your We Care contributions deducted directly from your paycheck as in the past.

5. Where can I see exactly how much I contributed to the We Care Campaign?

If you make your We Care contribution through payroll deduction, you will see your exact contribution amount on your actual paycheck stub. (All paycheck stubs may be found online through the Lawson Portal.) If you make a donation via credit card or check, you will receive an acknowledgment letter from us thanking you for your gift—the amount you’ve given will be listed on that letter. Please remember you will need to keep this acknowledgement letter for your tax deductions. 

Thank you again for supporting We Care!