Impact of Your Support

Many of the patients we care for at Tufts Medical Center are among the sickest patients in our area. The acuity of our patient population is greater than that of most Boston hospitals, meaning that a higher percentage of our patients suffer from critical illness or traumatic injury. As a major tertiary and quaternary referral center offering the highest levels of acute care, many hospitals transfer to us their most seriously ill and injured patients for the high-complexity care for which we are widely known and respected.

We perform the most heart transplants among all hospitals in New England, are home to Level I trauma center, deliver the most advanced care in cancer, including bone marrow transplants and gene therapies, and provide multidisciplinary critical care to patients with the most serious diseases across all medical and surgical specialties. And based on the experiences of our patients and the countless ways in which they inspire us as their caregivers, we are devoted to research on the conditions they face that continue to elude cure or effective treatment.

To optimally serve the patients and families who depend on us for highly-complex care, we require specialized, high-cost resources. Your charitable gifts play a vital role in helping us to obtain these resources so we can deliver to the people who need us most the kind of extraordinary health care that saves and improves lives and provides hope for a healthy future.

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