International Patient Services

Frequently asked questions

1. How do I send my medical records?

Patient can send their medical records electronically, via email to

2. Will Tufts MC/Tufts Children's Hospital translate my medical records into English?

It is the patient’s responsibility to provide Tufts MC/Tufts Children's Hospital their medical records in English.

3. What is the cost of care at Tufts MC/Tufts Children's Hospital?

Prior to your appointment(s), your International Patient Services Coordinator will prepare and review with you an estimate of the cost of services. This will include doctor’s visits, tests and procedures. Much of international care is not covered by insurance but we will work with you to determine if any of your care can be covered. Full payment in U.S. dollars is required prior to medical treatment

4. What forms of payment are accepted for hospital services?

We accept all major credit cards, traveler’s checks, certified U.S. bank checks, wire transfers, money orders and cash. We partner with Western Union Business to help you localize your payment allowing you to pay your bill in your home currency. Please visit the following link to review payment options for your country. Pay with Western Union here >

5. Does Tufts MC International Patient Services provide any travel assistance? 

You will need to personally obtain the necessary travel documents (VISA, etc.) to enter the United States. You will also need to book your airline reservations, arrange currency and notify your credit card company of international travel. The patient coordinators will advise you about transportation and will organize emergency transport from the airport for critically ill patients.

6. What is the closest airport?

Logan International Airport is the closest major airport located five miles (15 minutes by car) from Tufts Medical Center.

7. Is there public transportation?

Tufts MC and Tufts Children's Hospital area easily accessible by public transportation, taxi cab and train.

8. Is there parking available?

We offer valet parking and patient parking at nearby parking garages. Patients and visitors receive discounted rates.

9. What are patient rooms and dining like?

Tufts Medical Center offers comfortable hospital rooms for patients staying overnight. They are equipped with internet/WIFI and free television and telephone service. Tufts Children's Hospital offers a child-friendly environment that encourages parent participation. Child Life Services keeps life as normal as possible for children, offering tutoring and play activities.

Our hospital chefs can prepare special meals to meet personal and cultural dietary needs.

10. What are the patient visiting hours?

Visiting hours are from 8 am to 8 pm daily at Tufts Medical Center and 2 pm to 8 pm at Tufts Children's Hospital. Visitors under 13 need to be with an adult.

11. Is there Wi-Fi and internet access?

Tufts Medical Center offers wireless internet access free of charge throughout the hospital. 

12. What housing and hotel options are available in Boston?

Your International Patient Services Coordinator can recommend nearby accommodations, including hotels and apartments where patients and family members will feel comfortable.

Always ask for the "TUFTS MEDICAL CENTER RATE" when making hotel reservations for patients and/or family members. This will ensure the lowest rate possible.

13. Are religious and spiritual support services available?

Interfaith chaplains offer emotional and spiritual support and guidance. We will refer you to nearby churches, mosques and synagogues.

14. Are there activities for my family in Boston?

Boston is a cosmopolitan city with a variety of dining, cultural and other activities. Visit the City of Boston site for more information. 

15. What is the weather in Boston?

Boston has four distinct seasons with a range of temperatures, from hot, summer days to cold, snowy winters. To help you pack appropriate clothes for your visit, see the weather report for Boston for updated weather forecasts.