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Dr. Archie Bleyer visits AYA Clinic


BOSTON – The Reid R. Sacco Adolescent & Young Adult (AYA) Cancer Program at Tufts Medical Center successfully kicked off National AYA Cancer Awareness Week with a visit from Dr. W. Archie Bleyer, Clinical Research Professor at Oregon Health & Science University, and a pioneer in the field of AYA oncology.  Dr. Bleyer traveled from central Oregon to give Cancer Center and Medical Grand Rounds at Tufts Medical Center to promote the AYA Program’s goal of raising awareness around AYA cancers.

Dr. Bleyer’s interest in Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Oncology began in the mid 1990s when he became aware that the progress in cancer he had personally witnessed in children had not occurred in adolescents. As Chair of the Children’s Cancer Group, he formed the CCG AYA Committee, and in 1999, convinced the U.S. National Cancer Institute to conduct a workshop on the topic. He subsequently engaged the Children’s Oncology Group, NCI Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program, U.S. President’s Cancer Panel, American Society of Clinical Oncology, University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Aflac and LiveStrong Foundations in a national AYA oncology initiative. His current clinical research mission is dedicated to improving the outcome of young adults with cancer who have not fared as well as younger and older patients.

On Friday, April 4, Dr. Bleyer began by giving Cancer Center Grand Rounds, discussing, “Breast Cancer Screening Overdiagnosis: The Third Rail." He then accompanied the Tufts AYA Program team and Gene and Lorraine Sacco, co-founders of the Reid R. Sacco AYA Alliance, on a tour of AYA Clinic, located in South 7. Following the tour, Dr. Bleyer discussed, “Cancer in Adolescents and Young Adults: Progress at Last!?  How Tufts MC and Reid R. Sacco Program Can Contribute” as part of Medical Grand Rounds in Wolff Auditorium. The lobby of the Wolff Auditorium also featured guest artist Erin Hodne, a current patient of the AYA Clinic, who displayed her Linocut prints depicting memories of her cancer experience over the past 20 years. This collection of prints was originally produced for her college art show.

This inaugural lecture and the Reid R. Sacco AYA Program Lecture Series are designed to educate patients, providers, and the community about AYA Cancer to stimulate further progress in the field.

For more information on the AYA Program at Tufts Medical Center, please call (617) 636-5168 or email at For more information on Ms. Hodne’s art, check out