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Patient Navigator, Ming Lin, represented Tufts Cancer Center at the 2017 ASCO Quality Care Symposium


Patient Navigator, Ming Lin, represented Tufts MC Cancer Center earlier this month at the 2017 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Quality Care Symposium. The symposium brought together a mix of oncology professionals, quality care researchers, and patient advocates.  Topics discussed included cost, value, and policy in quality care, patient-centered care, and successful models for integrating quality and patient safety into health care organizations.

 Mr. Lin presented a poster titled, Utilizing Patient Navigators to Enhance Oral Chemotherapy Education and Safety for At-risk patients. The poster was the result of collaborations between Drs. Susan Parsons and John Erban, Cancer Center Specialty Pharmacist Doug Hackenyos and the Patient Navigator Team, made up of Mr. Lin, Daqin Mao and Fenqing Wang. In 2016, the Tufts Cancer Center launched a pilot pharmacy safety initiative to assist patients who were prescribed oral chemotherapy medication. The poster displayed the benefit of Navigator involvement to enhance education, monitoring and patient-provider communication about oral anti-cancer medications.

The Patient Navigation Program currently serves cancer patients on active treatment, of Chinese origin and/or lower socio-economic status.  Navigators speak Cantonese, Mandarin and/or Toishanese in addition to English, and provide culturally-appropriate support and services.  Navigators help patients communicate their concerns with their oncology team, attend appointments, identity and address logistical concerns and link patients to resources within the medical center as well as in the community.