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7th Annual Patient Navigator/Community Health Worker Conference


The Patient Navigation Team from Tufts Medical Center in Boston at the 7th Annual Patient Navigator/Community Health Worker Conference.The Patient Navigation Program at Tufts Medical Center Cancer Center was given the opportunity to share attributes of the program during a break out session as well as in a poster session at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health’s 7th Annual Patient Navigator/Community Health Worker Conference on May 12, 2016.

Launched in 2014, the Patient Navigation Program currently serves cancer patients on active treatment, of Chinese origin and/or lower socio-economic status.  Navigators speak Cantonese, Mandarin and/or Toishanese in addition to English, and provide culturally-appropriate support and services.  Navigators help patients communicate their concerns with their oncology team, attend appointments, identity and address logistical concerns and link patients to resources within the medical center as well as in the community.

Participants attending the Improving Cancer Care for Patients of Chinese Origin through Patient Navigation at the conference were introduced to navigators Ming Lin, Feng Qing Wang and Daqin Mao (pictured above), and provided with a recap of programmatic enhancements undertaken by the team including a translated orientation map, way-finding clinic guide and appointment summary.