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Meet Anita Kumar, MD

Anita J. Kumar, MD is a Medical Oncologist at the Tufts Cancer Center in Boston, MA.

Why did you go into cancer care? 

I went into cancer care for two reasons. First, I loved the science behind cancer development and treatment. There is still so much we are learning about what causes cancer, and new treatments are constantly being developed, so it is a very exciting field right now. I also loved the patients—to take care of cancer patients is truly a privilege, and I feel lucky to have this opportunity in my career. 

What makes the Tufts Cancer Center special? 

I am so impressed with how collaborative and collegial the Tufts MC Cancer Center is. Everyone has the utmost commitment to patient care, and the inter-disciplinary collaboration results in top-notch care for our patients. From the moment they walk in the door, patients say they feel they are in the best hands possible for their cancer care.

Tell us one interesting fact about yourself.

I love to go on long distance road bike rides!

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