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Meet Douglas Hackenyos, Pharm. D


Why did you go into cancer care? 
As a pharmacist, cancer care first offered me the opportunity to work with a complex and constantly evolving group of medications. So many of these therapies have unique considerations for drug dosing, preparation, administration, monitoring, interactions, and side effect management that allow pharmacists to have a significant role in optimizing patient care. I truly value the opportunities I have to discuss new medications with patients and share with them how each drug should be taken and what they might expect while on treatment. 

What makes the Tufts Cancer Center special?
I began to learn what makes Tufts Cancer Center special during my year here as a pharmacy resident. After leaving for further training in oncology, I really understood what separates Tufts from other centers—its people. I’m very happy to be back working with this team of dedicated professionals and contributing to the goal of providing the best possible patient care and experience.

Tell us one interesting fact about yourself.
I’m in the process of training for my third marathon. While I haven’t had the pleasure of running the Boston Marathon yet, I’m hoping that I can run with Team Tufts MC and be part of this great charity in 2016!