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3 MIRI PIs named 2021 Boston Magazine “Top Doctors"


MIRI is extremely proud to recognize three of its Principal Investigators, who were chosen as 2021 Boston Magazine’s “Top Doctors” in their respective specialties. Dr. Tomo Tarui for Child Neurology and Drs. Patrick Catalano and Michael House for Maternal and Fetal Medicine.

Dr. Tomo Tarui’s lab aims to develop novel fetal neuroimaging and genetic diagnostic technologies for brain malformations that are detected in fetuses by second trimester prenatal ultrasound examination.

Dr. Patrick Catalano's research interest is maternal metabolism in women whose pregnancies are complicated by diabetes and obesity, and the short and long-term effects on mothers and their children.

Dr. Michael House uses a bioengineering strategy to investigate cervical biomechanics, specifically cervical function, as it relates to the cause of spontaneous premature birth.