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Highlighting MIRI 2022 Summer Interns



Our summer interns contributed a huge amount to MIRI’s studies and lab experiments this summer while learning the science behind them.   We are grateful to them and proud of their achievements!  Click on the hyperlinks to read about their summer projects, goals, internship experiences, and hobbies when away from the lab.



Lema Abuoqab TU 2024, Major: Biology and Biotechnology

Plans: Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery

Project: Effect of maternal adiposity on placental lipid profile

Favorite aspect of MIRI internship: My favorite part of my internship was the people that I got to work with. Everyone at the MIRI is so kind and hardworking, and I love that the lab truly embraces a collaborative and diverse environment.

Hobbies when not doing science: Cooking and drawing!


Madison Wong, 2024 Graduate TU, Major Community Health

Plans:  Medical School application 2024

Project: Investigating the relationship between cardiometabolic markers in umbilical cord blood and neonatal growth.  Measured the concentration of two proteins, adiponectin and irisin, and will be looking at their connections with neonatal outcomes.

Favorite aspect of MIRI internship: I enjoyed learning and participating in the various aspects of the MAMMA study, from participant interactions and sample collection to sample processing. It was satisfying to be able to run an experiment on a sample that I collected from a participant that I met in person. I was also able to create a more well-rounded picture of the significance of the research we do at the MIRI.

Hobbies when not doing science: Cooking or at the gym!



Marissa Chow, TU 2024, Major: Biopsychology

Project: Saliva extractions from babies with NAS, and then further analyzing the targeted genes from the saliva. Also worked on a spreadsheet that keeps track of any feeding issues babies with NAS have.

Favorite aspect of MIRI internship:  Seeing both the clinical and research side of medicine and meeting lots of wonderful and supportive people this summer. I learned that working with human subjects sometimes adds more complexities to research.

Hobbies when not doing science: I love swimming or any outdoor activity when I am not doing science such as hiking, going to the beach with friends, playing football, etc.


Steven Mejia, TU 2024, Major: Biopsychology, Pre-med

Project: Collected saliva samples from babies diagnosed with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) for cDNA extraction and QPCR data analysis and gene expression. Used MRI data to understand the effects of NAS on the developing brain.

Favorite aspect of internship: Throughout the summer, I loved learning the technique of neonatal saliva collection from a baby and then learning how to extract the cDNA from that sample.

Hobbies when not doing science: One of my favorite things to do outside of science is read books. I often spend a lot of my free time reading Stephen King or other horror novels. 


Hannah Yen, Northeastern 2026, Major: Biology, Pre-med

Project: Mamma study data organization
Favorite aspect of MIRI internship: The baby measurements/study visits

Hobbies when not doing science: Going to the beach and watching sunsets



Aaron Zou, TU 2023, Major: Biology, Pre-med

Project: Manuscript on hnRNPL effects on heart failure

Favorite thing about MIRI:  I loved getting to know everyone in the lab the most, since they're all so nice and friendly!

Hobbies when not doing science: I love doing anything outdoors, specifically basketball or tennis.


Divya Subramanian, TUSM MD Candidate, Class of 2025

Plans: Surgical Specialty, with residency in the Boston area

Project: LPD

Favorite aspect of MIRI internship: Learning experimental techniques and look forward to using what I learned in upcoming projects.

Hobbies when not doing science: I love walking around and exploring Boston!