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A headshot of Dr. Michael HouseMichael House, MD, has received an SMFM/ABOG Bridge Grant entitled “Novel tools for studying cervical function and dysfunction during pregnancy.”

The goal of the project is to gain critical insights into mechanisms of preterm birth where cervical dysfunction is the cause. Dr. House, who is Principal Investigator, has been recognized as an expert in the uterine cervix.

Dr. House is a specialist in high-risk pregnancy in Maternal Fetal Medicine: he received a 2020 Award from Boston Magazine as a "Top Doctor" in Maternal Fetal Medicine. His research interests include:

  • design and evaluation of three-dimensional models of cervical tissue to study remodeling of the cervical extracellular matrix,
  • investigation of the cervical biomechanical function using mechanical modeling techniques,
  • study of the barrier properties of cervical mucus as it relates to protection against intrauterine infection
  • development of novel therapies such as injectable biomaterials to augment cervical function during pregnancy.

“Normal cervical function is critical for a healthy pregnancy but premature cervical shortening and dilation is associated with preterm birth, which affects 10% of pregnancies in the United States. As a clinician and a researcher, I am so grateful for grants like this to study this problem,”  Dr. House said.