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Tomo Tarui, MD, Awarded New R01


Tomo Tarui, MDMIRI PI Dr. Tomo Tarui will collaborate as Co-Investigator on an R01 awarded to Children’s Hospital.  The grant, entitled “Measuring cortical plate and subplate thickness in the human fetal brain from magnetic resonance images,” is funded by the NIH from through June 2025.

The proposed project will develop a novel technology to measure cortical plate and subplate thickness in the human fetal brain using in vivo MRI, which in turn will enable us to understand trajectories (temporal dynamics) and inter-subject variabilities of fetal cerebral growth. The technology for fetal cortical and subplate thickness measurement will lay the foundation for clinical applications of fetal brain MRI analysis in many developmental disorders and extend the field of developmental brain imaging research. This study will provide a meaningful biomarker that could lead to greater insight into the mechanisms of normal and altered in utero brain development, allowing assessment of the impact of maternal exposures and informing strategies for future in utero therapies.

The goal of Dr. Tarui’s research is to develop novel fetal neuroimaging and genetic diagnostic technologies for brain malformations that are detected in fetuses by second trimester prenatal ultrasound examination. Findings from this study will develop better ways to understand the long-term prognosis for fetuses that are identified as having brain malformations. The data will also be used to ultimately develop novel fetal treatments that could potentially improve neurodevelopmental outcomes in these affected children.

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