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Dr. Mary Wallingford Lab Updates

Dr. Mary WallingfordMIRI PI Mary Wallingford, PhD was named consultant on a Small Business Innovation grant entitled “A synergistic in vitro-in silico model of the placental barrier for predicting fetal exposure and toxicity of xenobiotic compounds.” The PI is Dr. Carrie German of Computational Fluid Dynamics Research.   

Dr. Wallingford also gave two important presentations, On September 23, 2020, she gave a virtual talk at the University of South Australia Centre for Cancer Biology Seminar on “Wallingford Lab Research Models.”  On November 17, 2020, her presentation to the incoming class of Tufts PDD on “Wallingford Lab Research” was one of 14 talks, only two of which were given by women.

 To read about Dr. Wallingford’s research, view her lab page >