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Dr. Mary Wallingford Conducts Webinar for North American Vascular Biology Organization

Dr. Mary WallingfordMary Wallingford, PhD's talk was entitled, “Essential Yet Transient: An Introduction to the Placental Circulatory System.” The overall goal of her lab is to advance fundamental understanding of placenta development and disease in order to support the development of new diagnostic tools and treatment options that advance obstetric cardiovascular medicine. Extraembryonic tissues such as the yolk sac, umbilical cord, and placenta contain specialized blood vessels that develop early in pregnancy; the normal development and function of these vessels are critical for supporting mammalian growth and development. This webinar provides a foundation in vascular biology of the placenta, both mouse and human. Anatomy, physiology, and developmental paradigms are presented along with a brief description of open questions and tools that are available for placenta research.

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