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World Kidney Day


World Kidney Day is March 12, 2015 but Tufts Medical Center's Department of Nephrology is celebrating all month long! 

That said, World Kidney Day provides an unprecedented opportunity to draw international attention to one of the world's most prevalent and preventable chronic illnesses One out of 10 adults have some form of kidney damage. People with chronic kidney disease are more likely to have high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attacks and strokesEarly detection of kidney disease can help prevent complications. To help reduce the risk of developing kidney disease, World Kidney Day has shared the following 8 Golden Rules:

  1. Keep fit and active
  2. Keep regular control of your blood sugar level
  3. Monitor your blood pressure
  4. Eat healthy and keep your weight in check
  5. Maintain a healthy fluid intake
  6. Do not smoke
  7. Do not take over-the-counter pills on a regular basis
  8. Get your kidney function checked if you have one or more of the ‘high risk’ factors
  • You have diabetes
  • You have hypertension
  • You are obese
  • One of your parents or other family members suffers from kidney disease
  • You are of African, Asian or Aboriginal origin

For more information about World Kidney Day, please visit or and follow @worldkidneyday on Twitter.