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New treatment modality for glioblastoma tested at Tufts Medical Center gets FDA approval.


Tufts Medical Center was one of two hospitals in Massachusetts that participated in a national clinical trial that evaluated the use of a device called Optune in newly diagnosed glioblastoma patients.

We were a  top-ten site for participants in this trial, which was ended by the FDA in December 2014 based on very positive results investigators noticed during a planned mid-study analysis. Read a recent Boston Globe article that discussed this result and featured Tufts MC researchers >

Recently, the FDA completed their audit of the sites that participated in the trial and granted approval for the Optune device in the newly diagnosed glioblastoma patients. This is the third-ever positive randomized phase III trial for the treatment of newly diagnosed glioblastomas.

This is great news for our patients and for cancer patients in general, as this device is a novel modality for the treatment of cancer. The company that created the device is now running new trials in Europe for pancreatic and ovarian cancer and plans to open trials in the next 6 months in the US for brain mets from non-small cell lung cancer (Tufts MC will be a site for this trial) and systemic NSCLC. 

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