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Kudos to the 18 Tufts MC nurses who participated in the 2016 Nurse Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit and Hackathon!


Kudos to the 18 nurses from Tufts and 6 nurses from Tufts Medical Center who recently attended the Nurse Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit and Hackathon at Northeastern University. Susanne Meninger, RN, Noelle Kohles, RN, Christine O'Brien, RN, Maggie McLaughlin, RN and Tricia McDonough, RN pulled together and pitched an innovative plan for school nurses. Team “Are You Contagious?” won 2nd place, which included a $1,000 cash award, access to business classes at Northeastern and a lunch consultation with a private innovation group.

(L to R) Nursing entrepreneur and head of the Northeastern Nursing Innovation and Entrepreneurship program Rebecca Love; Christine O'Brien, RN in Clinical informatics; Tricia McDonough, RN in Clinical Informatics; Maggie McLaughlin, RN in Pediatric IV team; Susanne Meninger, RN in Infection Prevention; Noelle Kohles, RN in PICU; Maria Lombardi, RN in FL7, PBMT, Pediatric Sedation, Transport Team and IV team.