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Food Allergies at School

Sending kids off to school can be a source of worry for parents – especially for those who have children with allergies. We spoke with Pediatric Allergist, John Leung, MD, for tips on keeping kids with allergies safe while away from home.

Double check

Make sure your child's Epinephrine auto injectors are not expired and your child's food allergy action plan is up-to-date. Pay special attention to:

  • Ensuring the dosage of epinephrine (two doses available) is correct as your child grows
  • Ensuring the emergency contact phone number is current
  • Updating any new allergies or outgrown allergies accordingly

It is also important to teach your child to read food labels and remind them to check the ingredients before consuming food that wasn’t prepared at home.

Communication is key

Before school starts, inform or remind your child's school of your child's allergy and the severity of that allergy. Provide the school with your child’s food allergy action plan ahead of time and remind your child to speak up if he or she experiences or suspects a food allergic reaction.

For Epipen or Epipen Jr. users should be aware of the new manufacturer recommendations and make sure to communicate these changes within your allergy action plan:

  • Hold patient’s leg and limit movement during administration.
  • Injection hold time reduced from 10 seconds to 3 seconds.    


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