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Leading the charge for Women in Medicine and Science


A drawing of a doctor and patient working together for Tufts Medical Center in downtown Boston, MA.Once a male-dominated career, more women are becoming physicians than ever before. Tufts Medical Center and Tufts Children's Hospital are ahead of the nation in the balance of female and male physicians on staff. While women make up about 35 percent of the physician workforce nationally, nearly 49 percent of Tufts MC physicians are female.

In an effort to fully engage women physicians and scientists throughout Tufts MC and Tufts Children's Hospital, the Tufts Women in Medicine and Science (WiMS) Committee was founded in 2016. The mission of WiMS is to promote the professional and personal development of women in medicine and science and to advocate for parity for women at these institutions.  The Committee is comprised of 21 female faculty and it sponsors workshops, seminars and events geared to promote the professional and personal advancement of female faculty. Additionally, WiMS advocates for equality in employment status by engaging with institutional leadership.