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Real-time primary care


Being cared for like family is priceless

Shelly Bramson has worked in the housewares industry his whole career. As an international manufacturer’s representative, he has a packed schedule that doesn’t allow a lot of time to wait in a doctor’s office. So Shelly and his wife Ruth, also a busy professional, joined Pratt Diagnostic Center (PDC), Tufts MC’s concierge practice, more than a decade ago. PDC provides comprehensive primary care and a range of additional benefits—from same-day appointments to 24/7 physician availability to personalized wellness planning.

Q: Why did you and Ruth choose Pratt Diagnostic Center?

A: Being able to receive care in the timeframe that works for us − that’s what brought us to Pratt to start. Both of us had primary care doctors we liked, but when we needed anything beyond what they provided we were sent to a hospital and just felt like a number. As we grew older, we needed more medical attention and quicker care. So we switched. 

Q: What do you like most about the services you receive?

A: My physician, Dr. Brian Cohen, invests so much time in my health. He’s like family to us with the compassion and care he shows.  He is always reachable and responsive to any concerns.   And that’s what the concierge program is all about. The staff is so wonderful and caring − they often resolve issues on the phone or get you in immediately when necessary.  The follow-up is  consistently excellent;  if I need to see a specialist, an appointment for the best doctor in that specialty is arranged quickly.  We always get quick reports on lab tests and exams, which keeps the stress down.  We never feel rushed and leave appointments knowing our medical health is in good hands.

Q: Why is the annual membership worth it for you?

A: Dr. Cohen spends about an hour with me for my annual physical, and after it’s done, I get a complete copy of my medical records on a disc. The first time I had to use that, I had a cardiac event in Maine, on a Sunday. I went to a hospital and the doctor had trouble diagnosing if it was a heart attack. I was able to give him the disc and he could see there wasn’t a change in my cardiogram. I was out of the hospital within an hour. So I’d say the membership ($2k annually) is worth its money in gold. The fact that it supports clinical care and research at Tufts is important to us, too.

To get started, visit the Pratt Diagnostic Center website or call 617-636-2800.