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Myths about multiples

When parents find out they’re having twins (or more), one question pops to mind: “Now what?” Emotions range from excitement about two new babies to anxiety over prematurity. These concerns are not unfounded: that’s why a twin pregnancy calls for more guidance from your physician.

“Most women carrying twins do well, but the pregnancy can be more complicated,” says Sabrina Craigo, MD, Director of the Tufts Medical Center Maternal-Fetal Medicine (MFM) Division. “That’s why we plan the mother’s prenatal care so carefully.”

There are many misconceptions around having twins so it’s important to get the truth about these common myths:

Myth #1: If twins are in two amniotic sacs, they’re fraternal

Fact: Nearly all twins develop in separate sacs, so seeing two sacs on the ultrasound doesn’t mean twins are not identical. It’s actually quite rare (and risky) for twins to grow in the same sac.

Myth #2: A twin or multiple pregnancy means more bed rest

Fact: Bed rest is not routinely advised anymore, and there’s mounting evidence that shows it isn’t helpful. Strict bed rest may cause a higher risk of blood clot.

Myth #3: A family history of twins means you’re more likely to have them

Fact: If the mother’s family has a history of fraternal twins, there is a slightly increased tendency for the mother to ovulate more than one egg at once.

Myth #4: Twins are double the trouble!

Fact: Well…that’s a matter of perspective! Dr. Craigo, a mother of twins, says, “The best thing about twins is not the pregnancy, of course. The twin connection is very strong and truly special to watch over time.”

About MFM at Tufts Medical Center

Led by Dr. Craigo, the MFM team has the in-depth training and hands-on experience to care for complicated pregnancies. A close collaboration our with the Level 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit means we deliver a high level of care—from pregnancy to birth and beyond. Learn more at our MFM website or call 617-636-4549.