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Dr. Andrew S. Levey honored by National Kidney Foundation


Andrew S. Levey, MD, Chief of the William B. Schwartz Division of Nephrology, has been honored by the National Kidney Foundation for his lifetime of dedication to the treatment of kidney disease.

Dr. Levey began his career at Tufts Medical Center as a nephrology fellow in 1979 and has distinguished himself for his comprehensive and compassionate approach toward his patients with kidney disease. He has also contributed to his field with through research and scholarship:

  • He led the guideline-writing group that developed the current definition and classification of chronic kidney disease.
  • He developed the formula to estimate the level of kidney function (glomerular filtration rate or GFR), which is reported routinely by the clinical laboratory whenever serum creatinine is measured.
  • He has been the recipient of research grants from the National Institutes of Health continuously since 1983.
  • He is editor-in-chief of the American Journal of Kidney Diseases for the National Kidney Foundation.

Dr. Levey has experienced kidney disease not only through his patients and academic interests; his wife, hematologist/oncologist Roberta Falke, MD, of Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates, was born with polycystic kidney disease, a condition that eventually necessitated a kidney transplant for her.

While Dr. Levey wished to donate his kidney, he was unable to do so because he was not a match. With the help of the New England Organ Bank, Drs. Levey and Falke eventually participated in a three-way kidney exchange with two other couples, one of which was transplanted here at Tufts Medical Center and another of whom was transplanted at Lahey Clinic in Burlington.

Dr. Levey’s donation helped save the lives of three kidney patients including his wife. This remarkable story was told last year in a front-page story in the Boston Globe. Please congratulate Dr. Levey on his well-deserved award from the National Kidney Foundation.