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Quiet time in the Mother Infant Unit


A new baby is an exciting time for mothers, fathers and their families. It can also be overwhelming and exhausting. Recent studies found new families receive, on average, 54 visits in their hospital room during a 12-hour period or about 4.5 visits per hour.

Most of these are from staff and can lead to new families feeling they never have any uninterrupted time alone with their baby.

Our Mother Infant Unit (MIU) started “Tranquil Moments,” giving a quiet period during the day when interruptions are limited to allow families to rest, bond and breastfeed. Nurses and CCTs round before the daily 2-4 pm time period to ensure families have everything they need before the lights are dimmed and staff visits are limited to only those medically necessary or requested by the family. New parents and staff members are enthusiastically embracing it.

Thank you to staff members for respecting the quiet time to allow new families their “Tranquil Moments.”