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DCU for Kids partnership benefits patients and families


DCU Digital Federal Credit Union

In 2011, Digital Federal Credit Union’s charitable arm, DCU for Kids, made their first gift to Floating Hospital for Children when they sponsored Harbor Walk & Run. They increased their giving to become Harbor Walk & Run’s presenting sponsor in both 2012 and 2013.

A company dedicated to making a meaningful difference in the communities they serve, Digital Federal Credit Union began exploring ways to make an even more substantial impact for the patients and families of Floating Hospital. After a recent visit, in which team members from Digital Federal Credit Union got to see the hospital, meet patients and speak to some of our team members, they realized the unique opportunity to make an impact by committing $250,000 to renovate the family waiting area on Floating 6.

Those who have waited in this space, or even just passed by, know that an upgrade is desperately needed. Unfortunately, renovations to waiting rooms and similar areas in Floating Hospital fall victim to tightly controlled budgets, as each dime is needed to ensure that the best medical teams and the best equipment are readily available to ensure superior patient care. Thanks to the incredible generosity of Digital Federal Credit Union, the waiting area on Floating 6 will soon provide the utmost comfort for family members waiting long hours to hear news about their loved ones.

Through steadfast support of our events program, which provides critical unrestricted support, coupled with a genuine philanthropic spirit to make a difference for patients and families, Digital Federal Credit Union is the epitome of a corporate partner. We can’t wait to see what the future holds.

DCU for Kids

Digital Federal Credit Union’s charitable arm, DCU for Kids, has supported Harbor Walk & Run since 2011.