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Working Wonders for Tufts Medical Center


On March 7, 2013 Thomas F. Shields and Nicholas Claudio were honored at the Medical Center’s signature event, Working Wonders.

Thomas F. Shields received the inaugural Ellen M. Zane Award for Visionary Leadership. A long-time health care entrepreneur, Tom has led the formation of more than 20 diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy centers, all founded on the promise of delivering quality care to patients. For more than 30 years, Tom and his family have strived to treat every patient like family and recognize the importance of this type of compassionate care that is the core of Tufts Medical Center’s mission. The impact Tom has had on the health care community is immeasurable. He is a leader, innovator, mentor, philanthropist, and devoted family man, and sets the standard for future recipients of the Ellen M. Zane Award for Visionary Leadership.

12-year-old Nicholas Claudio, a Floating Hospital patient from Mattapoisett, was presented with the inaugural Cam Neely Award for Courage. Nick is described by many as a true inspiration; the definition of courage.

After suddenly and permanently losing his sight at the age of nine as a result of a brain tumor, Nick embraced his reality and immersed himself in learning opportunities with the goal of becoming famous. He learned Braille in less than one year, maintained straight A’s in elementary school earning him an “Outstanding Student Award” upon graduation, held the lead role in his most recent school play and learned to ski.

In July 2012, three additional tumors were discovered and Nick began a rigorous treatment regimen of chemotherapy and radiation at Floating Hospital for Children. Nick’s positivity in the face of adversity and passion for living each day to its fullest, embodies the spirit of The Cam Neely Award for Courage. There could not be a more deserving inaugural recipient.