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An Investment for the Future

For almost eight years, Ellen M. Zane served as president and chief executive officer of Tufts Medical Center. Her vision, leadership and passion restored the Medical Center to financial health and solidified its position as an outstanding academic medical center with an intimate focus on the community. 

While righting the current financial status was a top priority for Zane, so was establishing a strong foundation for the Medical Center’s future. With this in mind, she turned to close friend and noted Boston investment manager and philanthropist, Grace Fey. Inspired by Zane’s enthusiasm for Tufts Medical Center, and understanding its important role in health care both today and decades in the future, Fey became the inaugural chair of the Tufts Medical Center Trust Board. With Zane also a member, the two began to position the Medical Center for the development of a robust philanthropic program. 

Knowing the importance of leading by example, together with their husbands, Peter Zane and Ted Fey, they made firm commitments to the future of Tufts Medical Center by making the institution a generous part of their estate plans. 

The Zanes made their gift through the establishment of a charitable remainder trust in which Tufts Medical Center is a significant future beneficiary. The Feys, in turn, have arranged for a substantial future bequest in their will. Both of these commitments are particularly meaningful because the couples each named Tufts Medical Center as irrevocable beneficiaries of their future gifts. In addition, both gifts are unrestricted, allowing the Medical Center the flexibility to use them to meet whatever opportunities the future may hold.  

“Tufts Medical Center has been such an incredible part of our lives,” says Ellen Zane, “that Peter and I can’t imagine it as anything other than a great part of what will one day be our legacy.” 

Grace Fey adds, “Tufts Medical Center occupies a unique place among Boston’s teaching hospitals for the deep impact it has on so many individual lives, on our community and on the advancement of health care throughout the world. Ted and I wanted to do something very special for the future of the Medical Center. By making an important gift through our estate, we can enjoy knowing that we will be supporting this wonderful institution for years to come.”